About Reid Group

Our Mission, Values & History


 Reid is a full service, independent marketer supplying transportation fuels and related services to retail convenience stores and commercial businesses throughout New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Reid also operates a growing chain of  retail convenience stores under the Crosby’s® name.

Mission Statement

We seek to be regarded as the best motor fuel marketer and provider of convenience products and related services by our customers. We seek to develop productive partnerships with people and organizations that share our vision and values, including associates, customers, suppliers, communities and their related organizations.

 Reid Holds the Following Values in High Regard:


We place a high value on honesty and personal integrity. The truth may hurt but dishonesty destroys.


We seek customers, suppliers, and associates who are trustworthy.  Indeed we are confident that business is enhanced by working with dependable people.

Customer Focus

We seek associates who are customer focused. A spirit of service and willingness to satisfy people’s needs is highly valued here.

Team Spirit

We seek associates who are great talents in their own right and who recognize that building a successful business is a team sport. Every position counts!

Cost Consciousness

Time and money are valuable resources. We seek associates who invest the Company’s time and money wisely.


We seek associates who take initiative and are driven by the need to produce results for our customers.

Reid History

In the early 1920’s, J. Ward Reid worked as a machinist at the Sterling Engine plant in Buffalo, New York. His favorite hobby was working on motorcycles and automobiles; his hobby won out over his career when he took advantage of an entrepreneurial opportunity at the start of the automobile era.

Thus, Reid Petroleum Corp. began as a one-pump gasoline service station at Lake Avenue and Clinton Street in Lockport, NY, a small city in Niagara County. Much has changed since

J. Ward Reid gave up his job as a machinist to start this new venture, but the fundamental values he lived by have endured and shaped the company over the many decades since.

Mr. Reid began expanding the business in the late 1930s by opening more service stations in the Lockport area. He also entered the heating oil business during this time. Some of our suppliers in the early years were Harris Certified, Cities Service, Socony-Vacuum, Colonial Beacon and Esso.

During the 1940s, his sons, J. Ward, Jr., and Jack, joined him in the business. In the 1950s, the gasoline business added new full-service dealers, while the heating oil business added service and furnace installations.

During the 1960s, guided by J. Ward Reid, Jr., the Company formed Reid Petroleum Corp. to operate the service station business which had grown to 16 stations. It was also a time to move to larger facilities. The Company transferred operations from Lake Avenue to our present location at 100 West Genesee Street, Lockport.

In 1972, Reid opened its first self-service convenience store and fueling outlet – a novel idea at the time – with Mesmer Dairy.  And by the end of the decade, fueled by the acquisition of Parks-Dahl Oil Co., Autotronics of WNY, and Exxon Buffalo Heat Accounts, Reid expanded its geographic area from Niagara County to include seven Western New York counties and 40 locations.

Growth continued in the 1980s through the acquisition of Green Brothers Petroleum.  In the 1990s, the Company acquired Simon Oil and launched its wholesale motor fuels business.

By the end of the 1990s, Reid had grown from just one location in 1922 to a thriving business, serving more than 150 locations.

The new century brought further expansion.  In 2002, K&K Food Mart joined Reid launching the Company’s proprietary convenience store business.  Reid added Crosby Dairy Mart in 2004, further expanding its footprint in Southwest New York and Northwest Pennsylvania. Reid Stores now proudly serves thousands of customers each day under the “Crosby’s” banner.

Today, Reid continues to live by its founding values:  honesty, trustworthy, customer focus, team spirit, cost-consciousness, and entrepreneurship.

We are proud of our record. We are equally proud of the achievements of our associates and our customers who have made this record possible.