Hauling, Logistics and Inventory Management

Every delivery is special.

Transportation Services

Millions of gallons per week. Thousands of miles of roadway. Careful, professional drivers with nearly 200 years of combined experience. By the numbers, and the people, Reid is the supplier you can count on, day or night.  You can trust Reid for accurate, safe, and spill-free deliveries, each and every time.

  • Competitive hauling rates
  • Well trained, dedicated drivers and dispatchers
  • Proactive Communications
  • Well-maintained, modern trucking fleet
  • Strong, proactive emphasis on safety

Ready to take your fuel supply program to the highest level … and save money doing it? Contact us now at 1-800-348-8400 or sales@reidpetroleum.com

Inventory Management with Remote Tank Monitoring

Reid can manage fuel inventory for you so you can focus on business operations.  Through a remote tank monitor, Reid carefully watches the inventory of your tanks and automatically schedules deliveries to prevent run-outs and over-fills.   Our goal is to ensure continuous operation of your facility.

We can monitor your tanks from anywhere via secure internet access, then schedule deliveries as needed. Eliminate the fuel management burden from your staff.

  • Precise inventory status by tank
  • Targeted sales & inventory patterns
  • Optimal, user-defined delivery scheduling
  • Flexible, customized, on-demand reporting
  • Immediate notification of alarms for corrective action