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Over the years, Reid has helped dozens of business owners gracefully retire from their companies and at the same time enjoy a healthy cash payout.

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Over the years, Reid has helped dozens of business owners gracefully retire from their companies and at the same time enjoy a healthy cash payout.

About Us

Reid is a family business committed to Fueling Success for Over 90 Years.  We are a leading marketer of transportation fuels to customers throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Reid also operates a growing chain of retail conveniences stores under the Crosby’s® name.

Reid is committed to growth

Both in gallons and in geography.  To support this growth, Reid is making sizeable, ongoing investments in technology, real estate, people and infrastructure.

Fuel Industry Challenges

We believe the fuel distribution industry is going through a period of rapid change which will place a substantial burden on individual retail gasoline marketers and on small distributors alike.

The fuel industry promises a challenging future…

Evolving Market Dynamics: Over the next 25 years, gasoline consumption is expected to decline.

U.S. Fuel Economy: Since 2007, the average US fuel economy has increased over 19% and will continue to increase rapidly as the auto industry strives to comply with new CAFE standards.

Technology Requirements: PCI, EMV… the technology required in order to remain competitive is becoming more difficult for smaller companies to implement and afford.

Cash Flow & ROA Impacts: The coming technology and infrastructure upgrades will ultimately put great pressure on working capital demands, reducing return on assets for many companies and making it much harder for some organizations to compete.

The Opportunity

We can be more successful together than we can apart. Together, we can eliminate redundant overhead, improve route efficiency, increase our purchasing power and retain the industry’s best talent.

Selling your business is an ideal solution if:

  • You are looking to extract value from your years of hard work
  • You do not have a viable succession plan in place
  • Partners in the business have different visions

The Benefits

First and foremost, Reid will pay top value for your business.  Plus you can:

  • Eliminate the risks of competing in a shrinking market
  • Provide career opportunities for your top-performing people
  • Extract cash from illiquid assets
  • Solidify your succession plan
  • Avoid oppressive new investment requirements

A Record of Success

We negotiate with good intent and will move quickly to satisfy your time schedule.

Indeed, Reid has never backed away from a letter of intent and has successfully completed many acquisitions over the last 20-years.

The Next Step

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