Wholesale Fuel Supply

Set your price, pump the gallons, and build your business... with fuel supply from Reid!

Most Trusted Brands

Reid selectively partners with only the highest quality fuel brands including Exxon, Marathon, Mobil, Shell, and Sunoco. These brands are instantly recognizable and hold a well-earned reputation for consumer trust.

Competitive Pricing – Everyday

Reid’s expert team of fuel buyers works non-stop to provide customers with the best combination of fuel prices, freight rates and product availability! Indeed, our capacity to source product from a wide range of supply points provides our customers with a competitive wholesale cost and a hedge against regional supply interruptions.

Your Own Fuel Brand

For some customers, choosing to market a proprietary fuel brand makes the most sense. For these customers, Reid sources unbranded fuel from a variety of supply points, always seeking the lowest prices and transportation rates. This process, more often than not, allows our unbranded customers to enjoy a cost advantage on the wholesale price of fuel.

The Hybrid Option

Want to enjoy a cost advantage AND have a recognizable brand image too? Our Gulf brand program may be the right choice for you. With Gulf, all of your deliveries are priced at the unbranded rate, plus your station proudly displays the Gulf image, accepts Gulf credit cards, and benefits from Gulf’s extensive marketing program. The best of both worlds!

Trained Technicians

From maintenance, to regulatory compliance, to emergency repair, our service maintenance team has the training and experience to keep you pumping.  Holiday… weekend… middle of the night?  No problem.  Our technicians are available 24/7.

Dispatch and Logistics

Our dispatchers, drivers, and contract haulers are safe and courteous as they keep your facility fueled. Moving millions of gallons each week, our expert team is highly skilled at getting fuel where and when it’s needed. Best of all, we are on the job 7-days a week for your convenience.

Commercial Sales

Do you have your own fuel storage tank(s)? Reid can deliver fuel to your facility without the middle-man markup! We directly serve factories, trucking companies, school districts, local governments and many others with dependable, on-time, and cost-effective fuel deliveries. No fuel tanks… no problem! We can arrange for fuel deliveries directly to your vehicles, which allows your drivers to save fueling time and avoid congestion at retail fueling sites.

Save money while on the road… Fleet credit cards open the door to substantial fuel savings for your business. Indeed, some fleet cards offer as much as 18 cents discount off every gallon! Each card is different, so be sure to call us today and we’ll craft a supply solution tailored for your business.