Retail Fuel Management

Earn a guaranteed commission on every gallon you sell.

Eliminate the financial burden of purchasing fuel inventory and the operational burden of setting the right street price for your facility.  We can do it for you and provide you with a guaranteed commission on every gallon you sell.

Turn-Key Fuel Facility

At Reid, we offer a comprehensive solution to enter the fuel marketing business. There is no equipment to purchase, no environmental liability to assume, and no fuel to buy! Once we have agreed on a development plan with you, Reid will secure the various fuel-related permits and approvals, design and install the fuel facility, erect the canopy and signage, provide the POS (Point of Sale) computer systems, and fill the tanks with fuel. What’s more, Reid even provides the maintenance and repair needs for the facility – at no cost to you! You simply choose between a monthly guaranteed per-gallon commission and a profit-sharing commission plan.

Reid-Managed Inventory

 Already own a fuel marketing facility? Reid can assist you with needed equipment and image upgrades while you maintain ownership of the facility itself. Our team of pricing managers monitors area competitors and sets the most advantageous price for your facility. Reid assumes responsibility for keeping your tanks full – and, since Reid retains ownership of the fuel until sold, you have no fuel inventory costs! Best of all, every month you receive a guaranteed commission check based on your fuel sales!

Remote Tank Monitoring

As a part of our Retail service offering, we remotely monitor your fuel inventory. This allows us to know the level in your tanks 24/7 via secure internet access. We then schedule on-time deliveries ensuring a continuous supply at your facility. We eliminate the fuel management burden so you can focus on your business operations!

Most Trusted Brands

Reid selectively partners with only the highest quality fuel brands including Exxon, Mobil, Shell, Sunoco, Valero, Gulf, and Marathon. These brands are instantly recognizable and hold a well-earned reputation for consumer trust. Furthermore, we carefully monitor the integrity of our fuel as it moves through the distribution channel from the refinery, transportation, and finally into your facility’s storage tanks. Working together with you, our experienced staff will help you select the fuel brand best suited for your geography and facility.