7/2/14 – Tuesday night, June 17, a powerful storm swept through Western New York, primarily effecting Orleans and Niagara Counties. Over 7,000 National Grid customers were without power, including residents and businesses in the City of Albion. Our Crosby’s store lost power, but fortunately the store has a generator.

After the generator was running, our team initialized the pumps and started selling fuel.

How busy was the store? It was chaotic! Pretty much as soon as people realized we had power, the word spread and we had people coming in from Holley, Carlton, Waterport, Lyndonville, Medina and Clarendon. Most of the sales were fuel, beer, soda and lots of food. The parking lot was full most of the night.

The Albion Crosby’s staff stayed well after their shifts normally ended in order to serve customers. The store was busy from 9pm until 5am! Congratulations to the Albion Crosby’s. Team for keeping the lights on!