One of the city’s longest-running family businesses is about to come under new ownership.

Crosby’s has purchased Scapelliti’s Super Store, a nearly century-old grocer that more recently expanded and added gas service, and will take ownership around Dec. 1, according to owner Sam Scapelliti. The Scapelliti family will continue to own and operate the deli inside the store, which has amassed a dedicated local customer base. Tim Horton’s coffee shop will also remain in the store at 7084 Chestnut Ridge Road.

Sam Scapelliti said that while the new ownership will bring “some changes,” the store’s overall feel will remain the same.

“You’re still going to have that mom-and-pop feel here,” he said. “It’s going to be more of a unique store. It’s not going to be your normal convenience store.”

Sam said his great-grandfather, Dominic Scapelliti, opened Scapelliti’s nearly a century ago as a deli and convenience store on Clinton Street.

“It was a little corner ma-and-pa grocery store, like you had on every corner at the time,” he said.

The business has remained in the family ever since, with ownership passing to Sam’s grandfather, Joseph, followed by his father, Dominic, followed by Sam. Sam’s son, Dominic Scapelliti, now works at the deli.

In 2002, with business slowing at the corner store — Sam attributed the slump to the popularization of major, chain grocers — Sam Scapelliti and his father decided it was time for a change. While driving to play golf one day, they saw a “For Sale” sign at 7084 Chestnut Ridge Road.

They purchased the property and began selling gas as well. Nine years later, they built a home for themselves there, and used the extra space to bring on a Tim Horton’s.

Once Crosby’s takes over, the gas pumps and convenience store will no longer be a part of the family business.

The purchase follows about a year of negotiations, said Sam Scapelliti, who praised Crosby’s as a “fantastic organization.” The Lockport-headquartered gas station and convenience store chain operates dozens of locations throughout Western New York and western Pennsylvania, with locations as far east as Canandaigua and Palmyra.

Sam Scapelliti also praised the customers who have supported Scapelliti’s Super Store and deli for so many years.

“I think the hardest part in the whole thing is the relationships we’ve developed over the years,” said Sam Scapelliti. “All our customers have been such loyal and great customers.”